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The trusted, inspiring and "Edutaining" Video Streaming Platform that helps patients, families and caregivers chart the health journey they have ahead.

Why Mediflix?

Healthcare has never been more central to our daily lives. Even with the vast amount of information available publicly, navigating to find credible, relevant, and understandable resources is frustrating and often inaccessible to the average person.

Mediflix provides accurate information, access to the best knowledge and engagement from world-class medical institutions and practitioners with personalized information.

Our Inspiration

Faced with navigating the unbearable challenges and eventual loss of his wife Marion after a 5-year battle with Multiple Myeloma, Former Rock and Roll impresario Steve Leber had access to the greatest minds and medicine money could offer, but still found navigating the healthcare system cumbersome, impersonal, and confusing.

The inability to find credible, trusted, and breakthrough information inspired him to create the Mediflix platform.

In every way, we all have our own personal health stories, and it’s the vision of Mediflix to provide the needed guidance, inspiration and actionable insights to help cut through the clutter.

Backed with expertise

Trusted. Reliable. Connected.

Mediflix has assembled world renowned experts, global medical institutions, Research Foundations, and Disease Specific Communities to provide accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information critical to those looking for answers, guidance and the connections to manage their health concerns.

Not Just Advice, Inspiration.

Whether original films that tell intimate stories of people who have faced their diseases head on, Health News, or Expert Roundtables, the integration of accurate health topics helps patients, families, and caregivers navigate how to address their lives going forward once diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Mediflix Originals

Content created to educate + entertain

We're commited to bringing to our customers unique original content that lives up to the production quality people expect from a global broadcast network. Feature video based content created to educate + entertain, or as we call it…


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